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I am a graduate of the Emanuel University, a place and a period that impacted my life. There I understood more about the ministry and I decided to dedicate myself to it.

After graduation I returned to Bessarabia, where I started to serve in Chisinau and help some other churches there, as well. This was one of the most beautiful and blessed work I have done. In addition to the large church in Chisinau, The Source of Life, I was involved in 7 other communities through preaching the Gospel, organizing camps, creating Bible study groups, and so on.


I am now a pastor in Chisinau and I have also been involved in mission work in the east of the country, the right bank of the Dniester River, Dubasari / Criuleni - the Holercani region. It is a region forgotten by many and the poorest in Christian churches of any denomination. I decided to leave the big church in the city in order to dedicate myself to this work of planting and growing churches in this region.


Thank you to the Countryside for the financial support they offered me at the beginning of this work and various forms of support that continue even today. I thank brother Marius Cruceru who raised me and invested in me, Sebastian Văduva from whom I learned a lot and all those who contributed in supporting and spreading the Gospel in those places.


Eduard Edu,


Pastor from Holercani

Republica Moldova

- Pastor Eduard Edu -

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