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Scorniceşti is a town in Olt County, known as the hometown of the first president of Romania, the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. He said a church would never be built in his hometown. This idea influenced the minds of city leaders even after the dictator's death, so the first building was built 5 years after the beginning of missionary involvement in Scornicești.

By the mercy of God, two families of missionaries sent by the Good News Christian Baptist Church of Bircii – Scornicești and supported by the Countryside Mission, moved to the city in the fall of 2000 and began various Christian missions. In addition to the Countryside Mission, the Emanuel University of Oradea, and the Christian Baptist Church Aleșd offered their support for the mission work in Oltenia.

Among other missionary activities, the “Cleanness and purity” projects and the camps for orphaned children were of great impact. Shortly after, the summer and the winter special missions began. These missions were organized by the students of Emanuel University and brothers who were dedicated to sharing the Gospel.

The Church in Scornicești was inaugurated in 2005, and in 2021, due to the growth of the church, the construction of a new, more spacious building began. The first building became a medical center. The new building is planned to host a day center and an after school!

Although 91% of the population claims to be Orthodox Christians, most people do not profess their religion, and many are involved in various occult practices. We thank God for the grace He has given to the church and we pray that we will see as many genuine conversions as possible!


- Iosif Văran missionary in Scornicești, Olt -

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